Raven Forge Sabers Quality

We know you can find a lot of sabers on the internet in a huge array of prices and qualities. At Raven Forge Sabers we maintain the highest quality as a base standard; we're a company ran by nerds, we've seen and used every saber going. Using this experience, we've compiled the strengths of an exceptional saber, without the frequently seen shortcomings.

Our base model has an advanced twelve font upgraded sound board, is ultra tough to stand up to heavy punishment and not to mention full motion control, all in the one unit.

To make the deal absolutely bullet proof, everything is stocked in our Raven Forge warehouse, which means no drop shipping from China. We store, check and ship your new sabers from our HQ, all covered by a 1 year full replacement warranty!

This means:

  • No imports, duty and tax and the hassle that follows.
  • UK based 5 star customer service from the Kyber Forge team.
  • If it breaks you deal with us, not the manufacturer

We look after our own!

We’ve curated the saber we wanted to see in the world and sell it as the basic model of all our sabers.

This is Raven Forge quality.  

The Ive Brothers