Saber FAQs

What is the difference between a Duelling Blade and a Neopixel Blade?

Our duelling blades are made of ultra-tough polycarbonate ready for some good old blade-on-blade combat. These blades are hollow and are suitable with our baselit RGB hilts; these sabers light from the hilt and shine up through the blade.

A Neopixel blade features a LED strip that runs down the center, making it brighter than an RGB, but not allowing for combat as it could damage the strip. Neopixel blades also have more features, including have 7 unique blade lighting actions, 10 blade modes, tip drag & melt actions.

Neopixel, Xenopixel, RGB; what does it all mean? 

  • RGB stand for 'Red, Green, Blue" - a saber that is RGB has a single powerful LED inside the hilt, which produces a mix of colour combinations based off red, green and blue light. RBG sabers do not have LEDs within the blade, all the light comes from the hilt. They have multiple features, such as flash-on-clash, smooth-swing motion control, and multiple colour variants. They are perfect for duelling as the blades are tough polycarbonate. 
  • Xenopixel/Neopixel. Xenopixel is a good quality 16-font soundboard with multiple pre-programmed effects and motion control. Neopixel is the term for the 250-strong LED strip inside the blade. Our Neopixel sabers feature both the LED blade and the Xenopixel soundboard. 

How do I attach my blade to its hilt?

To attach any blade to the hilt, you simply press the base of the blade into the emitter and tighten with the small screws on either side. You will have received a small allen key that will allow to you tighten these with ease and hold the blade firmly in place.

How many colours does my blade have?

All our sabers have over 11 different blade colours that can be cycled and changed easily through the button (check instruction manual for an explanation of how to do this).

How do I connect two sabers to make a staff?

To connect two hilts you will need to have a coupler. Our Double Menace sabers already have one attached and some would require them as an additional piece. Simply screw the coupler from one saber and directly screw it in to the coupler on the other saber.

Order & Raven Forge FAQs

How do I get in touch with you for general enquiries?

Please email us at sales@ravenforge.com or send the Raven Forge Sabers Facebook or Instagram page a message and someone will get back to you within 38hrs. Please note the team are out of office over weekends, so any enquiries made Friday may not be seen until Monday.

Where are you based?

Raven Forge is based in North Yorkshire, UK. We’re a family-run business, running both ravenforge.com and ravenforgesabers.com from here at our units.

How do you ship your orders?

Orders are shipped via Parcel Force 24hr tracked. Your order will ship 2-5 working days after it is ordered, and as soon as it ships you’ll receive an email with your tracking details.

Where is my order?

If your order says ‘unfulfilled’ it is yet to be shipped. It takes 2-5 working days for an order to leave the warehouse (exc. Weekends and Bank Holidays). Once it’s shipped, you can track your order using the tracking number emailed to you. If it is taking longer than usual, it’s likely just a delay – this can happen due to strikes, zonal issues, depot sorting and other various reasons – it will likely turn up shortly. If it hasn’t arrived after one working week of you receiving your tracking number, please let us know and we will sort this for you. Please get in touch with your order number on facebook, Instagram or on sales@ravenforge.com

My tracking says ‘advised not received’?

This means we’ve advised parcel force your order is ready to be picked up but they’ve not yet collected. This is most common on a Friday evening, as Parcel Force do not collect over the weekend, so you may see this message over Saturday and Sunday.

My order has arrived and something is missing, what should I do?

It is rare that mistakes happen but occasionally they do.  We have 5* rated customer service – get in touch via facebook, Instagram or sales@ravenforge.com with your issue and the order number and one of the team will sort it out ASAP!

I want to return my order; how do I go about this and do I have to pay for postage?

If your item is being return because you would like a refund, or to exchange to something different, then the cost of returns is your responsibility. We recommend you send the item back to us using a delivery service that insures you the value of the goods, as the item is your responsibility until it is returned to us.

Refunds on postage may be given in certain circumstances, such as damaged items or missing parts.

When returning please put your order number and reason for return in a note inside the box, and send the box to:

Raven Forge
Unit 6 & 7
Riparian Court
Riparian Way
BD20 7BW

How long will a refund take?

You will receive a refund notification via email within 2 working days of your items return. The refund will arrive back in your original payment method within 5-10 working days.

How long will a replacement take?

A replacement will be sent out in approximately 2-3 working days after it has been received by our warehouse.