The Star


The Star is a real statement saber; the hilt is large and robust, an effortlessly uncomplicated design combining the sheer simplicity of black and silver block colour. The blade itself is confined at the top of the hilt, with a small anterior cut-out allowing light to subtly come through. 

The hilt is formed of a lightweight aluminium metal, leading to a blade of your choosing - either the classic Full-Contact Duelling Blade or a Neopixel Upgraded blade. Our sabres come with 12 pre-installed soundboards, and are fully motioned control enabled. The sabers feature variable blade styles, including a large array of changeable colours so you can fully customise your kyber.

Raven Forge Sabers Electronic Specifications.

The following details outline the Raven Forge Sabers impressive electronics; each saber features RGB colour variation light settings, 12 distinct sound effects, ultra-tough polycarbonate blades, as well as many more outstanding features, including:

  • Easy Single Button Control
  • Full Motion Control
  • Removable ultra-tough polycarbonate blades
  • LED RGB Blade Colour Change Settings
  • 3 Unique Blade Lighting Effects
  • Motion Sensing Audio for your saber sound to match your movements
  • 12-font Sound Board
  • 3 Volume Settings (including mute)
  • Motion Sensing Audio for your saber sound to match your movements
  • Flash-On-Clash
  • Blaster Deflection Simulation
  • Lock-Up Loop

Upgraded Saber Electronic Specifications – Neopixel.

Our sabers are already mad impressive, but a neopixel upgrade gives you chance to experience an insanely realistic saber with outstanding new and improved effects and features. Neopixel blades feature a LED strip that gives immense control over colour and effects, letting you customize a saber perfect for you, as well as all sorts of other exceptional new features.

A neopixel upgrade will include all of the already fantastic electronic specifications of our sabers, as well as the following new features:

  • Neopixel Blade
  • Super Smooth Blade Ignition
  • 7 Unique Blade Lighting Actions
  • 34 Sound Effects
  • 10 Distinct Blade Modes
  • Flash-On-Clash Precision
  • Tip-Drag & Melt Actions
  • Proffie Board Technology 2.2
  • 16GB SD Card

You can take your Raven Forge Saber a step further and customize it to be completely personal to you, fully changing the electronics to your own specifications:

  • Add Your Own Blade Effects
  • Add Your Own Blade Settings
  • Add Your Own Sounds Effects
  • Edit Clash Sensitivity
  • Customised Motion Controls
  • Customised Pixel Length
  • Choose Your Start-Up/Shut-Down Times
  • Choose Your Volume

Please note Neopixel blades are not suitable for full-contact duelling.

Raven Forge Sabers Contents

All our saber hilts are fully functional and ready to go – no technical electronics knowledge needed to assemble and begin using your saber. This saber contains the following:

1 x pre-assembled, lightweight aluminium Metal saber hilt
1 x Full removable saber blade
1 x New and upgraded USB-C Rechargeable Battery (installed)
1 x New and upgraded USB-C Fast Charging Cable
1 x Saber User Manual
1 x Spare Tool Kit for any alterations or maintenance 

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